We are all affected by breast cancer in some way. We may know someone who is a fighter, be one ourselves, or simply know someone who could be at risk. Stand together with us and help us come alongside women who are on their breast cancer journey.

Remember, you are ONE.

Hope Boxes Shipped & Counting

Life Saving Mammogram

How do we help?

A breast cancer patient can request items she needs and a breast cancer advocate will guide her through the process of selecting appropriate items that will help her every step of the way. We will ship Hope in a Box free of charge to the patient’s home.

Arizona Gives Day April 4, 2023  

We’re calling on you to join us in making a difference this year in any way you can. Any act of kindness, big or small counts.

Please join us in supporting our amazing women in their fight.

Our Goal

At Impact One, our goal is to IMPACT each individual woman, meeting her wherever she finds herself in her personal breast cancer recovery journey.
Impact One will connect directly with a breast cancer patient to provide:
Needed functional items to support their physical and emotional recovery
Help to obtain breast cancer screening information
Education and information on breast health as well as breast cancer

Our Mission

Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation will provide prompt support and resources to those impacted by breast cancer.

Our vision is to alleviate the burden experienced by women during breast cancer treatment and recovery by offering prosthesis, bras, wigs and post-surgical garments.

Give a Dollar, Get a Dollar

News & Stories

Breast Cancer: The Importance of Early Screening and the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic

by: Elizabeth Cluff and Belinda White

This report, released on January 26, 2021, brings to light how Arizona women fare in the categories of safety, health and economic empowerment.  #SHECountsAZ

click to download the full report

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

View our YouTube channel to hear from our community and our sisters who are breast cancer warriors.

When I opened my box and found new bras inside and the self-care products and beautiful bracelet inside it brought me to tears! It may sound silly, but zipping up one of the new bras made a huge impact on how I felt that day and restored my hope that I will one day get through this. I needed these medical necessities. They were so important to my ongoing recovery.

Jenny Allen

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