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We are taking every precaution during this time with Covid-19 and are actively pursuing social disctancing. We are still sending boxes and providing no-contact delivery as well as taking social distancing measures with our volunteers. 

Stand together & help us continue serving women all over the world.


HOPE Boxes & Counting

Helping Women in the Now

We are all affected by breast cancer in some way. We may know someone who is a fighter, be one ourselves, or simply know someone who could be at risk. Stand together with us and help us come alongside women who are on their breast cancer journey. Remember: you are ONE.

Our Story

Our Mission

Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation will provide prompt support and resources to those impacted by breast cancer.

Our vision is to alleviate the burden experienced by women during breast cancer treatment and recovery by offering prosthesis, bras, wigs and post-surgical garments.


How We Impact

A breast cancer patient can request items she needs and a breast cancer advocate will guide her through the process of selecting appropriate items that will help her every step of the way. We will ship Hope in a Box free of charge to the patient’s home.

Our Events

Upcoming Events!

When I opened my box and found new bras inside and the self-care products and beautiful bracelet inside it brought me to tears! It may sound silly, but zipping up one of the new bras made a huge impact on how I felt that day and restored my hope that I will one day get through this.



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Stand together, ladies!

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