I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in 2007 at age 29, with 3 little boys at home–the youngest was just 14 months old.

Elizabeth, Monda, Candice, Melanie, and many others stepped in to help our little family during that difficult time with amazing support…play dates for our boys, meals, house cleaning, fundraisers, so many laughs, and an unbreakable friendship that will never be forgotten.

After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, chemo therapy, radiation, and many breast reconstruction surgeries…I feel very proud, and blessed, to be a SURVIVOR of almost 10 years. Our family was blessed with 2 miracle babies after my cancer journey, who are a daily reminder for me to never lose HOPE.

I am excited to join forces with these amazing women to give back to those in need, and to help alleviate the pain, stress, and hopelessness that I have experienced myself throughout my own journey.