“Thank you so much for “being there” for me.  Your timely and empathetic response was so comforting and still brings me close to tears.  I first contacted you as a resource through the American Cancer Society after my bilateral mastectomy in late September.  At the time I felt lost in an unknown post-surgical world of many questions I didn’t quite know how to formulate but needed answers for.  I had opted not to reconstruct.  As I began to struggle through my story and need to verbalize how I felt, you understood immediately that I needed to feel normal again.  You were patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, efficient and, most of all, kind.  You listened and understood.  You enthusiastically described how you could help by sending me items I could try on and use in the privacy of my home. When your package arrived a few days later, it was like Christmas!  I opened my box and discovered breast forms, bras, and a tank top!!  I admit I did cry then.  I am so touched by your caring attitude and service.”

Sandy Thomas 47 Double Mastectomy, Phoenix

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