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“I remember how devastating it was, for me, when I was told I had breast cancer. I felt as though I’d stopped breathing. I felt fear for the future, for my health and for my husband and children. I experienced the effects this disease takes and because of that, I want to give back by sharing what I learned. I understand, first hand, the importance of the services I’mpact One can provide you in your fight against breast cancer.”


We want to be a safe place for you to reach out to for support, compassion and services to ease some of the negativity cancer throws at you. It can be such a confusing time. We have the information and resources you need. Which often times are not explained by your healthcare provider. Allow us to be your trusted helping hand.

We want to know exactly where you are in your journey and help you IN THE NOW by providing the following:

Post-Surgical Clothing

These are designed with surgical wound sensitivities in mind and supply needed support through the healing process. They also manage drainage devices commonly utilized post-surgery, allowing more flexibility and comfort during recovery and treatment.

Mastectomy Bras

Having a mastectomy bra is needed for more than cosmetic reasons.  When a breast is removed, the body is no longer in balance and will compensate with slight curving of the spine and dropping of the shoulder.  Both conditions can lea to chronic lower back pain.  We believe that being able to have a quality bra will not only make you feel better but will also relieve you from another financial cost.  We want to find a proper bra for you.

Prothesis & Mastectomy Breast Forms

A breast prothesis (also called a breast form) can be used if you’ve had a single or a double mastectomy.  These are useful during recovery and also if you opt out of reconstruction or decide to hold off for a while.  A prothesis can give a sense of dignity that some women feel they lose after a mastectomy.


Losing your hair can be traumatizing for many of you undergoing chemotherapy and can affect women in different ways. Some women feel that having a wig helps with their confidence as they experience hair loss during and well after treatment. We would find joy in helping you achieve that same confidence boost.

I’mpact One Resources

I’mpact One feels being a resource of information and providing education to our breast cancer fighters is so important. We have developed partnerships with community-based programs, medical industries and other local supportive programs. We will do our very best in fulfilling your needs.

What We Will Do

Contact I’mpact One, either by phone or by email.  One of our breast cancer advocates will contact you and acquire the appropriate information needed to guide you through the process.

623-738-6794 , or download the patient application below:

To obtain any of the services I’mpact One provides you must:

  • Provide Breast Cancer diagnosis information along with a consulting doctor signature
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