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Do You Have to be BRAVE?

“I am totally amazed and surprised with my HOPE BOX and the vital things I needed”. “I don’t feel brave. At all. I’ll pretend I’m brave around my 13 year old students, around my coworkers, my children and grandchildren, sometimes even around my husband. But do I feel brave deep inside? No. I do not.…


I hope to be just like her someday.

My beautiful mother, Sue Allen, was the epitome of gracefulness, especially during the many difficult trials in her life. In 2002, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Being an extremely hard worker all of her life, she certainly gave all that she had to fight the ugly disease. Never during this battle did…


“Being There” For Me

“Thank you so much for “being there” for me.  Your timely and empathetic response was so comforting and still brings me close to tears.  I first contacted you as a resource through the American Cancer Society after my bilateral mastectomy in late September.  At the time I felt lost in  an unknown post-surgical world of…