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Janet Smith

Janet Smith – Breast Cancer Survivor

Our I’mpact One Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to alleviate the financial and emotional burden experienced during expensive breast cancer treatment and recovery. We will provide prosthetics, bras, wigs, and post surgical garments. I’mpact One will also help provide emotional support, education, awareness and external resources for you and your loved one’s during this journey.

While other nationwide and global breast cancer organizations provide wonderful research and funding, I’mpact One’s goal is to meet you wherever you find yourself in your personal breast cancer recovery. We will I’mpact you IN THE NOW.


Our Goal

I’mpact One Breast Cancer Foundation will IMPACT each individual woman at a time, meeting her wherever she finds herself in her personal breast cancer recovery journey.

I’mpact One will connect directly with a breast cancer patient to provide:

  • Needed functional items to support their physical and emotional recovery
  • Helping women obtain breast cancer screening information
  • Education and information on breast health as well as breast cancer