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The Truth of I’mpact One

We are a circle of 4 women….best friends, all coming from different parts of the country with different backgrounds and different ideas on life AND ALL having been affected by breast cancer in different ways. Our circle is made up of unconditional love, support and pure real friendship that has been tried and tested. We are so blessed and acknowledge there are many women that don’t get to experience the kind of safety we have with one another. Because of this uniqueness, we want to share with others some of our good fortune….particularly those of you that have been thrown into battle against breast cancer.

All four of us have had the honor to support friends and loved ones through the difficult path of breast cancer treatment. When our I’mpact One founder and best friend, Elizabeth Cluff, was diagnosed with breast cancer, we experienced firsthand the need to have others to lean on. We saw, up close, the physical, emotional, and financial burden this trial carries and we had previously misunderstood the amount of surgeries and treatments that can be involved. We witnessed the limited “in the now” resources available that provide the comfort and dignity you deserve. This is where I’mpact One comes in! Because of our experiences, we have made it our goal to I’mpact One individual fighter at a time….to I’mpact YOU!

Beyond just our circle of four, I’mpact One has a wealth of knowledge on its team. We have a certified mastectomy fitter with over 500 hours of experience. We have survivors, healthcare providers, working professionals, care takers, or simply friends of those diagnosed on our board.

As I’mpact One, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for female breast cancer fighters. Our I’mpact One circle believes that no woman should have to battle cancer alone. Our program is designed to make sure you get proper support, products and resources that will help eliminate some of the financial burden. The most important thing we want to give you is our friendship. Welcome to the I’mpact One circle!

I'mpact Team and Board Members

Elizabeth Ayers-Cluff
Board President

Monda Clemons
Board Treasurer

Candice Nelson
Board Secretary

Charlene Holbrook
Board Chair

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Advisory Board

Brenda Hamilton-Survivor

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Norma Macias

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Janet Smith-Survivor

Denise Brown

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Joni Green- Survivor

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Melanie Durrant

Our Committee Members (Volunteer Events)